Universal Tank and Fabrication

Pressure Vessles and Tanks built with Integrity

Efficient tank fabrication begins with planning

Robotic Welder

The parts and materials preparation process is important to your project, because it sets the stage for efficient production throughout every stage of fabrication and assembly.

Careful planning, thorough parts preparation, and detailed inventory management during this phase prevent production delays that can otherwise extend project delivery dates.

Plate Rolling
Capital investments in high-definition plasma cutting, plate rolling and state-of-the-art pulse welders enable the efficient preparation of tank and pressure vessel parts. In-house operations minimize outsourced component cost markups and related risks of delays.

Supported fabrication steps may range from main tank and pressure vessel components to such add-on elements as piping, ladders and platforms. Parts needed for any integral fabrication such as internal piping are also prepared during this phase so as to minimize the production timeline.

  • Comprehensive in-house parts production
  • Plasma cutting 120-inch x 240-inch
  • Plasma cutting precision +/- 1/32-inch typical
  • 100 gallons to 50,000 gallons
  • .25-inch to 1.5-inch steel
  • 14-foot x 1-inch steel plate rolling capacity, 24-inches to 15-foot 6-inches diameter
  • Carbon steel SA516-70, A-36, SA-36, SA-106B
  • Stainless steel SA-304, SA-316, SA-240
  • Ex-Ten® 50
Head Assembly
Project plan detailing extends to shop-level assembly instructions, such as part positioning. Careful planning at this phase prevents delays during any step of fabrication.

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